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NOT latin characters subtitles

Why can't i watch movies with non latin characters such as Hebrew? (I guess arabic and thai has the same issue)We have waited so much time for Subtitles option and now we dont get the chance to use that feature.Just for you to know - Without subtitle...

saar121 by Level 2
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AC3 support is here!!! (needs root)

Here it is - tried it: Works !!!Guide (needs root):1. Put the file media_codecs.xml in the folder system/etc2. Put the files & in the folder system/lib3. Set permissions to all 3 files: 0644 (owner: root/root)4. Reboothttps...

Bad Samsung Demo. Poisoning the well of VR.

I almost purchased my first samsung phone because of gear vr. An s6. But after trying the demo in a samsung store. All I can say. It is crap!. You can see the edge of the screen(phone might not be properly placed inside?), the experience is very Blur...

natzVR by Level 2
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Come Out Yee Dev's & Those To Be!

Hey guys! I'm an artist who got into 3d modeling and decided I wanted to do animation - however at the time I was unsure of my direction - until I got a Samsung Gear VR and saw Collosse! I knew then which way I wanted to go and it was VR's direction!...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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So, Dynamic Streaming...

Noob Question Alert!!!I sort of understand Dynamic Streaming. I understand the concept, just not the method of implementation.Will everyone be viewing using DS or only the newer phone models? (Note4 user here with an Innovator Edition.). I wasn't sur...

Gherron by Level 4
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Stream Theater: ComiXplay! It should be on Gear VR!

For the life of me I just can't understand why turn based games have not made it to Gear VR. Take ComiXplay for example. It's got good graphics, good music and an "old school" style from the early days of comic books wrapped around a turn based rpg. ...

indy361 by Level 3
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Pass-though camera offset

I was thinking the Pass-though camera would be more useful if the image displayed was offset in your view to the amount the camera on the phone is offset on the HMD. What I mean is, if you use the passthrough camera and hold your hand vertically on y...

IAmBill by Level 2
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Preferred 360 Camera App on S6??

I've played around briefly with the Surround mode of the native camera app.I've also used Google's Cardboard Camera app.Cardboard Camera seems to have better depth in its pictures, and seems to do better in terms of stitching errors. BUT its pictures...

New Oculus update for Gear VR freezes Galaxy Note 4

Since I updated for the new version (1.5.6) of Oculus, my Galaxy Note 4 deadlocks soon after I insert it on the Gear VR. The screen remains showing the last VR application. It freezes to the point I cannot reset, turn off, hot or cold boot the device...

So, The New Galaxy S7 - Is It Worth It?

If you have a phone that works with the Consumer Gear VR, is it worth upgrading already?I've just read that the new phones have a thin layer of liquid inside which cools the processor - sounds good!The welcome return of the SD card - sounds very good...

Plex is possible on Gear VR but Emby works better-solved

You can stream your Plex media server library through the Samsung Internet Beta appgo to plex.tvlog in to your Plex accountchoose launchThe only problem I have had so far is I can't figure out how to make the videos play in the "void theater...

wpm007 by Level 2
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oculus 360 photos

Hi, Any idea if there is a specific format or resolution the images have to adhere to, to show up in the 360 photos app, my videos from my phone show up fine in the 360 videos app, but the images in the gallery don't.TIA

Zubz by Level 3
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Play same video on multiple device

HiI have a classroom full of students who are all going to be viewing the same 360 video on gear vr devices. My question is - do any of you know of a way to play the video simultaneously on all devices? Perhaps use a local server and connect to it vi...

Unity 5.3 Timewarp

So I'm running into an issue where I HAVE to disable timewarp, but I cant seem to find out how in the current SDK in Unity.Im using a different positional tracking solution combined with the GearVR, so I cannot use the timewarp as it interferes with ...

Gear 360 camera, really a nice surprise!

For the (cheap consumer-fun) quality it seems to offer, I think the $99 pricetag will make it selllike crazy, I would have never spent $350 for a Ricoh Theta but this is a day one purchase!Now a question for those who have followed the Samsung livest...

GearVR for S6 is terrible

I am so disappointed. I just got the Gear VR for the Galaxy S6. So many articles raving about it and how much better it is even over the Gear VR. Wow. Everybody needs glasses or has really low expectations. This thing is pathetic in terms of resoluti...

Bad horizon in GearVR

For some unknown reasons, I have a bad horizon in my GearVR (consumer) since a fews days. If I run the same apps in my innovator edition, everything's perfect... Is there a way to reset the horizon is it a trouble between the S6 and the GearVr ? I wi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Logical Upgrade 2 Fresnoaspheric Optics.

Most advance non mechano/non electrical feature of Oculus Rift Retail is obviously its OPTICS..What are the chances we can see them in Gear VR? Indeed 2 or 3 years letter this is bound to happen, we really want to happen this within a year.. Won't we...

Dilip by Level 8
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FoVeted Rendering In Mobile Space.

SMI Pioneers Eye Tracking for Mobile VR very logical Upgrade if OculSamsung ever decide to include it in Gear VR 2 Processors are getting meaner as Snapdragon 820 is very much from foundation brewed for VRhttps://www.q...

Dilip by Level 8
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Can't enter a room in Oculus Social

For two days I can't enter a room in Oculus Social. It suddenly happened, it worked well before. Nothing has changed on my phone, it's stock and everything else works fine.What's wong?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gear VR Best Practice App Submission

Hi there,We are aiming to release our first VR app on Oculus store and we want to ask you what is the average waiting time for submitting the VR app to Oculus store and what problems have you encountered lately with the Gear SDK or any problems repor...