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Gear VR Touchpad not functioning

For close to two months, I had the the gear VR working perfectly until I decided to wipe the exterior with a wet cloth. No issues for using it on the day itself after I cleaned the gear VR though.Two days later, when I tried to use the gear VR, the t...

Klexian by Level 2
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Stream Theater: Xcom 2 3D PC!

Great sound and graphics. But there are some issues, it's kinda buggy. Still though it was a must have for me. Oh, and get used to death until you start to level up. Enjoy!

indy361 by Level 3
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Getting Started Tutorials (Unreal, Unity, GearVRf )

This is a series of tutorials for getting started in Gear VR development. There is a tutorial for setting up Unreal Engine, Unity and GearVRf, that take you through to an installed application. There is also a guide on enabling developer mode and one...

Serapth by Level 2
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Hi Everyone,We are a small studio in Ireland developing our first VR game called Battle Hirieth. kickstarter a good platform for funding small indie VR games...

Does GearVR .mvrl play RTMP format Live streams?

I hadn't thought of posting here, because I (wrongly) assumed reddit to be the place for gearvr questions.I'm hoping someone here might know...Using MilkVR 1.46, I've been trying to test out the live streaming feature as written about in the MilkVR F...

cly3d by Level 4
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How to add test app to Oculus Home?

Hi guys,I've created a few new test apps and wanted to add them to oculus home, such that it is more convenient to switch between these apps without having to take off the gear.I remember I've already done that successfully a year ago, but I can't fi...

Galaxy s7 (4k screen)

What do you guys think the odds of the S7 being compatible with the Gear VR are? If it ends up using the SnapDragon 820, I can see a bunch of issues arising. I dream of a 4k VR experience and hope the S7 fulfills it... Rumor is the S7 will launch in ...

omega53 by Level 3
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serious gearVR design flaw

I have the prerelease version of the gear vr and a galaxy S6The usb connector of my S6 and or usb cables is wearing out, fast.It becomes almost impossible to develop and test things, i have to constantly take the phone out of the gear, plug in the ca...

Gear VR and Chromecast, Note 4 Works S6 is not??

Hello,i do have the Gear VR with a Note 4 and Gear VR with a S6. I also have 2 Chromecasts, the old one and the new round one. Useing the chromecast with the Note 4 stopped working some time ago. Funny is that it works now again.The performance is so...

karts by Level 2
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Android 6.0 - worth upgrading ?

Although T-Mobile hasn't rolled out Android 6.0 update yet, I read that some people (in Korea) already getting upgrades.When Android 6.0 is rolled out in US (or on T-Mobile in particular) is it worth upgrading or should we wait? (concerned about Gear...

IMGA 12 awards

Remember Neuralgia VR? We've been nominated for best VR game by IMGA! vote for us for people's choice awards Play it here if you missed it:

Note 5 File Location For Oculus Video Void

I've been looking for a quick guide on how to get movies from my computer to my phone and into the gear VR. the problem is everything online right now seems to mention the note 4 with the removable SD card but that's not helpful for note 5 users.if a...

S6 stuttering with WIFI on

When I am in flightmode, GPS, Blutooth, everything disabled, all other Apps closed or deleted (auto weather and time disabled) and Wifi on, I encounter heavy stuttering. In the homescreen aswell as in-game.When I turn Wifi off, no stuttering at all.W...

furtin by Level 4
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Does OVRMonitor.exe in the Mobile SDK 1.0 work?

Does OVRMonitor.exe in the Mobile SDK 1.0 work with a Consumer Version Gear VR and Galaxy S6?Can connect by ADB, I can open the App and it will see my device ID. If I highlight it I can choose to check Enable Capture, which I believe should run:adb s...

Use of Ricoh Theta cameras for stereoscopic panoramas

I've always preferred stereoscopic views and wasn't really happy with the flat images of my Ricoh Theta camera. Therefore, I tried to establish a workflow which allows me to generate stereo panoramas using a single Theta on a rotating panohead. Resul...

Annogyl by Level 2
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Luminosity difference between left and right eye

Hi,I get my Gear VR 2 with a S6 for few days and I have noticed a strange thing.Left eye is much more bright than the right one. It is really noticiable when the background is dark for exemple in a movie in cinema 360 or in the home room when it is t...

Nighttime Terror Demo - now available on Oculus Home

Nighttime Terrorwww.NighttimeTerror.comYou can grab Nighttime Terror via Oculus Home. If you have Rift, visit the above link for the Windows demo.And this is the Share page: is the old post. I kee...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Anshar Wars 2 most complete Gear VR game

It's available now. Complete with a story, voice acting, and some Star Fox type gameplay and very smooth controls I must admit it's pretty darn cool! At $14.99 it's worth every penny. Whats more is that I played on my Note 4 for over an hour without ...

indy361 by Level 3
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Will S7 support GearVR 2015 May edition?

Will upcoming S7 support GearVR 2015 May, innovator edition?Or will S7 only support GearVR 2015 Dec, consumer edition?>> Be the first to experience #TheNextGalaxy. Tune in to the #Unpacked live stream February 21. >> http...

zproxy by Level 5
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UE 4.10 Antialiasing settings for gearVR

Hello,Is there a setting in UE 4.10 to fix Antialiasing settings for gearVR on S6.I'm getting considerable aliasing in the developer build.MSAA is not available as an option in the project settings.Thanks for any help.b

boomji by Level 2
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Different trailers in Oculus Cinema?

So all the YouTube videos showed people having access to 3d trailers and a multiscreen theatre in Oculus Cinema. However, when I got my s6 gear Vr, the only trailers I had were Taken 3, Night at the Museum 3, the new Fantastic Four, and Spy. No 3d tr...

Lunchtime with my Gear VR - Escape Velocity

Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I take a look at Escape Velocity. I want to thank Michal from SETAPP for sending this my way. I had heard of it, but never saw that it was released because it is not available on the Note 4 for some reason? I don't ...

New user...problems loading apps and update

I'm trying to load the apps for the first time and having problems on a Note 5 which has just gone through a successful recent Samsung system update a few days ago. After the apps 'install' I get an error message saying apps failed to install properl...

pityopus by Level 2
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