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Cmoar VR Cinema 4.0 Update Is Available!

For those who have it and have been waiting for the update..."It’s been almost a year since the release of the first version of Cmoar VR Cinema. Fully satisfied, we’d like to proudly put the newest update in ...

Have the developers given up on Oculus Social ?

I purchased the Gear VR with thought of what mingling with new friends would be like in a virtual environment. I quickly became addicted to Oculus Social. I found that having the avatar rooted in one spot forced the members of the room to talk to one...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Missing thumbnails

I don't know if anybody else has experienced this but for the last few days the Thumbnails in Oculus Home have been disappearing.Now I have no thumbnails at all on the home screen or in the library for any of my apps, they are just blue squares with ...

Adjusting the headband and focus

Hey guysI'm a VR enthusiast a I've come across some issues using my gear vr I'd like to share with you.While the first 2 days of using my gear I was struggling to get a clear sight looking down with my eyes. Looking straight foward and up was perfect...

Oculus Store Questions

Is there a website for Oculus Store that can be accessed from a PC? I see something called Oculus Share but that doesn't have Gear VR games.Also, it's very hard to evaluate whether or not I'm going to like a game in the Oculus Store because there are...

Stream Xbox One Halo 5 to Gear VR w/Intugame App!

This works for ANY Xbox One games! If I can somehow squeeze more speed out of the Intugame VR app it will be even better. I am going to purchase the premium version shortly and hopefully there are more tweaking options in that version. It is also sup...

indy361 by Level 3
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Change seat row in Oculus Cinema

Greetings everyone,I'm new to the forums and not sure if this has been posted but I saw a post on reddit that you can now change your seating row in Oculus Cinema. The only con I can think of is that you have to use a controller. In the Home Cinema t...

MilkVR lost 3D depth since uodate

Since I updated MilkVR today all 3D videos have lost its depth. They are flat like a 2D video. I know that there are a lot of options now but a normal 3D TB (3DV) isnt popping out anymore.Anyone else with me? :roll:

furtin by Level 4
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Barrierfree UI needs to be mandatory

So I have a friend who is handicapped, sits in a wheelchair, is paraplegic and can barely raise his arms above chest hight. I showed him a great variaty of Apps and Experiences on the Gear VR, with the power of MirrorOp I streamed it to my iPad, so I...

furtin by Level 4
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LG G5 + LG 360 VR = Mobile positional tracking?

This is only a theory which may or may not be right, as a Samsung fan i hope i'm wrong but it could be possible A new tweet by trusted tipster Evan Blass/Evleaks hints at a device called LG 360 VR, which could be a 360° camera, similiar to Samsungs ...

black noise-- Standard Shader Unity 5 issues

In every one of my projects for Gear VR, I get these black dots, they look like some sort of banding artifact, over all of my surfaces. They extend away from the camera and get less and less apparent as they proceed into the distance. They also only ...

Exynos 8890 vs Snapdragon 820

Unfortunately Samsung Italy has told me that they will sell the s7 only the the first one, while the rest of the world will have the second, more powerful chip.Now considering that I'd like to get the s7 exclusively for the GearVR, would it be advisa...

New GearVR service: screen flickering in dev mode

Hi!I just installed the new version of the Gear VR Service (Version MA784596-211504235), and suddenly my phone screen is constantly flickering (low persistence mode) when the service is running in developer mode. I don't think this is intentional. Th...

Land's End!

Land's End is a great little gem! I blazed through it without any problems(overheating wise).Although, if there would ever come a second Episode, I would wish for better (more difficult) puzzles and double the length of the game. Or perhaps real bran...

furtin by Level 4
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No smooth cursor / flickering crosshair

Hi there,I'm facing some issues here in Unity, when it comes to handling a cursor as a pointer.. when I move my head around, the cursor begins to flicker. I already tried different ways to solve this problem. but none worked. i tried to put the curso...

hgcl by Level 2
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How to play 3d movies on gear vr

Hi need a little help I have put a side by side 3d movie on phone to play in the virtual cinema and it just plays it side by side not in 3d so can anyone help and let me no what I need to do please to get it to play in 3d thanx in advance for any hel...

jusbott by Level 5
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Superbowl on the Gear VR

I know this has been discussed in other areas. But once and for all is the 2016 Superbowl going to be streamed to the Gear VR in 3d?

cooling the smart phone

Has anybody come up with a way to keep our smart phone cool while playing games?Would fastening a small cold pack to the back of the phone work?

tecwritr by Level 4
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Edge settings change after using Gear VR

I have an S6 Edge and I use it on the Gear VR consumer editionI'm just noticing this now - the people edge and night clock functions are reset to OFFevery time after I use the S6 Edge on the Gear VRI have to manually set both to ON again and then the...

dulber by Level 2
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Revolution in mobile VR imminent

Or not? Do you think the next MWC will offer radical new options?The Galaxy s7 teaser makes me think of integrated hand tracking (leap motion style?),someone has been spreading the rumour about HTC launching a Lighthouse tracked phone,maybe some othe...

Unity5 GearVR build runs great on S6, not on Note4

Hi,My build (Unity 5.2.1p2, with Oculus Utilities 1.3) runs perfect on my S6, but when I submitted to the Gear store and it went live (passing QA just fine) I'm now told a user reported that the image is distorted on a Note4.Unfortunately I don't hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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