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serious gearVR design flaw

Level 2
I have the prerelease version of the gear vr and a galaxy S6

The usb connector of my S6 and or usb cables is wearing out, fast.

It becomes almost impossible to develop and test things, i have to constantly take the phone out of the gear, plug in the cable, upload my project, unplug again, plug it in the gear...

repeat for every tweak i want to check in vr...

So with the weared out connectors, the connection bewteen my S6 and pc is constantly interupted, causing it to pop in and out of explorer...

Why oh why is the usb port on the gear not full pass trough, and even then i'd have to plug it in and out tot activate a project update...

i can use wireless adb but it takes ages to upload, and i need a usb connection to establish the wireless connection in the first place...

I hope this is being thought out more for a next release, at least in some developer mode.

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I agree.
Eventhough I just bought the S6 and Gear VR, and the usb port is not worn out at this point, a full usb port would be great for another reason. 360 3D videos are quite big files. It would be awesome to be able to put them on an usb stick which has a standard usb jack and a micro-usb jack. I for example own a stick like that from Sandisk. Like this one would save more expensive onboard flash memory.

Level 5
have you considered adb over wifi?