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Can't specify Windows 10 as minimum required version in ovr-platform-util

Honored Guest
Using the latest version of Oculus Platform Command Line Utility -, if I give --windowsx_min_version "10" as command line argument, I get the following error:
Invalid values:
Argument: windowsx-min-version, Given: 10, Choices: "10", "7SP1", "8.1"
I also noticed there is no longer an option to specify this at all when manually uploading a build through the web site.  I'm guessing this is because the minuim required Windows version is now Windows 10.

Can we now assume that all builds we upload are locked to minimum Windows 10 and just drop the command line argument when using ovr-platform-util ?

Honored Guest
Yes.  It appears the command line option has changed in the latest version off the tool that I downloaded yesterday.  It was a surprise to me too because the change seems arbitrary and unnecessarily breaks compatibility.  And I guess whoever made the change also didn't update the documentation.

This is what you get when you run the latest version of the tool with the --help option.  Note the change in the option.
ovr-platform-util.exe --help upload-rift-build

  --windowsx-min-version, --windowsx_min_version, -w  Minimum required Windows version
          [choices: "10", "7SP1", "8.1"] [default: "7SP1"]
I also tried using the -w option, since that has not changed, and get the same result.