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Cannabis related

Hi, I have a client who wishes to develop a Cannabis-related app, does Oculus allow it on the store?

Hopefully yes. Cannabis and VR seem to be a great match. 😉

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maybe apply here to know for sure;


MaxArch said:

maybe apply here to know for sure;

thanks, I have Oculus Start, but something is wrong in that page, I cant submit the message.
Since cannabis is illegal and considered a drug you will not be allowed to be on the oculus store.
tbh no game like this would ever be allowed on oculus store same as sexual games because the age
of most children that play VR games. if you want to release a game with drugs in it you will have to release it yourself
on your own website. the game would not even get passed content review due to the nature of it being about drugs.
your best bet is to sell it on your own site because it wont even pass for oculus keys.

i refer you to this link

there's nothing specific about rejection because of inclusion of drugs, most relevant part of that doc.

"Of course, your app must abide by the laws of your country and the territories in which it will be published.

When it comes to mature content (for instance violence, alcohol/drugs, nudity, or adult language), we are likely to accept content that generally falls within the threshold of an R-rating for a movie. Note that even though your application may contain these elements, the use of them in marketing materials on our platform may be limited"

Cannabis isnt illegal everywhere and even if it was, unless its a platform for distribution it seems like it would be fine

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