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Deleting a Mobile VR app in the dashboard does'nt free it's package name for reuse

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I just had to delete a complete GearVR app with already uploaded alpha builds from my apps dashboard (for various reasons). Now i wanted to recreate the Gear VR app and upload a new alpha build. For some unlogical reason, i now constantly get a package name conflict
Package Name Already In Use
The package name is already in use for another application. Every application must have a unique package name.
I definitely CANNOT change the package name, as the whole app is part of a larger effort that requires exactly this specific package name
This is beyond frustrating.. What are my options now ?

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Curious to know this answer as well.  Given the submission hell that results from receiving a 'Keys Only' approval, I'm considering deleting and re-submitting as a fresh app, but don't want to change the name string.

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We had to delete the old app because it was some sort of legacy "Mobile" type and binaries were rejected because of that. The only way to change the type to "Quest" was to delete the old and start over, so now we have this issue instead.


While we wait for the support to respond we're wondering if you did manage to get help with this or did you have to give in and change the string?



/Voxar and the Alloverse team

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I am also needing an answer to this question, has anyone found a solution?

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I too would like to know how to do this. It's a major pain.