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Developer Distribution Agreement

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Hello Devs,

While going through the Developer Distribution agreement we've identified few points which we need further clarity on before we release our app. They are

1. There's a Sub-clause within 'Grant of Rights' which says 'to persons who have purchased or acquired licenses pursuant to Section 2.1(a); c. modify the Product(s) solely as necessary to enable the Product(s) to be distributed and used on the Oculus Platform'. What will they change in the product?

2. There's a Sub-clause within 'Product Requirements' which says 'Developer will provide to Oculus or its Affiliates (as requested) any and all localized versions of the Products, including foreign language integration'. Currently our game is only in English, are we bound to deliver the game in any other language upon their request?

If anyone has more info on the above two points, please share with us!