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EU VAT Question

Honored Guest
Hi, does anyone know if Oculus handles the VAT (Value Added Tax) side of the transaction by acting as your agent, like Apple and Google? As on the submission page it asks for a VAT number, but in the UK you don't need to be VAT registered unless you earn over £80,000. New EU laws on VAT makes it very difficult for a developer to sell as you need to work out the VAT rate based on where the customer is based and then charge the VAT yourself. Does the Oculus store charge the VAT on your behalf? If so I do not need to be VAT registered so what can I put in this box to continue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for your help. I'm looking forward to your response.

Kind regards



I finally have some clarity on how this is handled on our system, sorry it took so long!

In short: you are correct that you do not need to register for VAT for your sales through the Oculus Store. Oculus will withhold applicable tax from developer's payouts and remit to relevant tax authorities on your behalf. You may enter either a corporate income tax ID or other tax ID in its place.

Is there any official documents by Oculus on their website that states this and perhaps can be referred to?

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Sales Tax

Purchases made from Oculus US are considered “tax exclusive”, meaning that the sales tax is not included in the offering price and is added to the final sales price. While purchases made from Oculus Ireland are “tax inclusive”, meaning that the offering price includes any sales tax.

Oculus calculates the tax to be withheld (varies based on the user’s location) and collects the sales tax revenue. Then, at the end of the year, Oculus submits the tax revenue collected to the appropriate tax entities.

Beginning January 2015, all companies, EU or non-EU based, are required to pay VAT based on any sales to EU users of Electronic Service (this includes games). We will remit the applicable VAT on sales from the Oculus Platform to EU users on behalf of the developer.

Beginning January 2017, we began to remit applicable VAT or GST, based on user location, to tax authorities in the following additional countries: New Zealand, Russia, and South Korea. Beginning July 2017, we did the same for Australia and India. Beginning May 2018, we did the same for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Turkey and Switzerland.

App Revenue

When a purchase is made, anywhere in the world and in any currency, the revenue from the transaction is converted into USD using that day’s exchange rate and sent to Oculus. Along with the sales tax described above, Oculus then removes the Oculus Platform Fee (30% unless otherwise negotiated) to be retained by Oculus and collects the balance to be sent to the developer at the end of the monthly payment cycle.

Payments will originate from the Oculus US for US and Canadian developers, and from Oculus Ireland for all other developers. All payments will be made in USD, regardless of local currency.

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Hi, I am also having issues with this box - as a individual dev in the UK I do not have a TAX code -other stores like Apple/Google & Amazon take care of this for us. 

Game is ready to go, but no way I am giving it away.  

Any advice ?