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HELP!!! Technical Review FAILED!!! PLS!

Honored Guest
Hello, Everyone !

We first submitted the app to the oculus store and waited a few days later to get the results of the failure...

See the review details. Why are there two same technical reviews, but the results are completely different?

"We could not continue this test due to a failure or crash in your app."

Details of this sentence, it is really difficult to locate and solve the problem.

We use the test model S6 and S7, mobile phone operating system version 5.0 and 6.0, the test was submitted to the oculus store no problem.

But why did you get this feedback? Where is the problem?


Honored Guest


Welcome to the Oculus Forums.

I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering failed tests in our submission process.

I would recommend sending an email to referencing these concerns so that they can bring up detailed information on your account.

I have sent mail to Still waiting for a reply. Here also made a help Want to see the majority of users have not encountered such a situation in order to quickly solve the problem