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How can the app be Gallery app in oculus store?

our app got keys only as submission result. I think this is middle state for releasing.

I found out 'Gallery App' is one of distribution methods. I know that the gallery app will be exposed to the oculus store for testing and checking user reactions before releasing.

1. is it possible for our app is keys only to become the gallery app?

2. How the app become the gallery app? what are the conditions?

3. is there anything I need to do for releasing our app as the gallery app?

4. or is the gallery app is selected from oculus?

please reply if you are oculus staff or familiar with gallery app



Hello. I am Bit Kim.

You said that Oculus continues to monitor user metrics for our key-only apps.

You are going to consider about user adoption, game play time, etc.

I have a question for this.

How can the keys-only app get users? as I know, keys-only app does not mean releasing to oculus store.

so, keys-only app is not possible to get users. right?

I guess I create new oculus keys. and then give them my acquaintances to use my app.

this is only way to get app play time. is it right?

I don't have any idea for improving user and playing time as keys-only app.

Please give me any answer.