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How long does pushing an update take?

Honored Guest
Our app has been approved and but has not yet cleared the store promo materials review. I had a couple of small changes requested, and I've fixed that and resubmitted but it's been a week or so ago.

The problem is we're only 6 days away from the launch of a major story for the app (It's a story about the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing so we can't push back the publish date for the story) but need to push a small update for it. We originally submitted our app on May 20th, 51 days ago so we're really worried about the timing. Does anyone know how long small updates take to be approved? If we do get pushed to the store in the next 6 days before launch, will there be enough time to push the update as well?

Thanks so much for any information, clarity, or help!

Honored Guest
So we're a few days into the moon landing anniversary and our moon landing story would have premiered on the 16th. We've put so much time and energy into creating this story and it will be almost irrelevant on the 23rd when the all of the excitement about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing has passed.

If there are any folks from Oculus reading this here, it'd be heartbreaking for our team to have such a major story miss its time. We've passed content review and only had a couple of small requests for our promotional materials that we immediately addressed. We'd be enormously grateful if someone could take a look at those small changes and give us the green-light if we've met the promo materials expectations. 

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Generally, updates are for the new and improved version of your software. It is provided by the software publishers as it could be free or take some charges. I always keep updating my website Leather Chase because on this google will rank your web. Normally updates are released not on a specific time as some minor updates release time by time. 

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Pushing an update takes time and it depends on the application. Applications are updated from time to time by the organizations such as gulf essay writing service. Sometimes app update is time-consuming so, you can off the automatic update option.  

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Everyone has their own strategy some of doing this for long time and some are for very short. Pushing an update is one of the best and pop up depends on the application. Now I am doing job for forklift for sale used in the USA and across USA. Most of
sadly once your app passes all the requirements it will take a lot of time for them to do things on their end with legal stuff, everything needs checked for copyrighted materials and other things. i been waiting a few months myself. after getting everything up to date and all things passing requirements. Legal department has to do their thing and can be slow. you would thing they would be like INC MONEY GET ON IT but you would be wrong. legal is legal and they get money even if they go slow. sadly oculus can't control this or lots of us would be making them money atm.