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How to get to your Gear VR App when your developer disappears

Honored Guest
Hi everyone,

I'm a 360 video creator, not a developer, and I have a new client who's done one previous VR project but their developer disappeared on them after putting the app on one Gear VR for them for an event. They would like to transfer this app to other Gear VRs and possibly make it available for download to potential customers (I told them for that they probably had to submit the app to the app store). So the problem is that the only copy we have of this app is the one on the phone used to demo at the first event. This is a bit out of my skillset but I'm trying to be as helpful as possible so they're not turned off from VR forever by this developer who disappeared. But is it possible to pull a side-loaded app off one Gear VR and copy it onto others or something without having the original app since their developer disappeared? I know that's not how it's supposed to work but is there a work around where we can get this app onto multiple headsets?