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How to install Oculus go APP using Oculus KEYS

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Hi Oculus team,

I would like know how to proceed installing an Oculus Go app on many devices using Oculus Keys. Here is the situation:

have developed an Oculus Go app for our client. This app was approved
for distribution using Oculus Go keys. We have already generated the
keys and send them to the client in order to redeem the code using their
mobile app. They want to install the app on 10 devices so they will use
1 account and 10 different keys for that.

issue is that they can't install the app since the message shows that
the app is already installed (when it is not). This is due because they
are using 1 account for configuring these 10 devices? They should create
10 accounts for that? They follow the guide to redeem the codes.

Another question is: If we update this App with new features, do they get the updated version or they have to install it again?

I hope you can answer these question and tell us how to proceed since the documentation on the web does not help much.

Best regards

I don't think you need 10 keys. you just need to use the account that used a key to download the app. tbh I would just have them all register their own oculus accounts and add them to the beta release channel, this way every time you upload an update they can get the update instantly. and they all can send their own rating/feedback.