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IAP (In App Purchases) Fees

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Anyone able to find documentation on the fee schedule for Oculus IAP? Is it 30% like Apple and Google?

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I'll move this thread to the Store section in the Developer forum. Thanks.
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Thank you! I'm also interested in learning more about the terms of use for IAP. I'm hoping to develop an app for charitable donations to non-profits. Currently the Apple app store rejects apps that include functionality to donate to charity through the app. Can the same be said for the Oculus app store? Is there a document that outlines terms of use?

Charity and donations are pretty problematic case due complicated legal issues in different countries, like some of them require the seller to be government approved to receive money that way and file reports of the money received. AFAIK just like Apple does with App Store, Oculus is acting as a seller on behalf of the developers which means they would have to be responsible for everything.

You could contact support and ask about it but I would guess it's not possible.

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Also, yes, Oculus takes the same cut out of IAP as they do up-front purchase cost.