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If no one can see you game, then who will buy it ?

Honored Guest
My game "ElectroBeats" has been released for more than four months,I am very grateful to those players who love it very much,they gave me the faith to continue to do this work even if it can only earn a little money...

But, since an update of my game two weeks ago, I suddenly found that this game can not be browsed in the Game Category of Oculus Home, and the only way to find it is by searching for it's name: "ElectroBeats".

For a regular VR player,if you have not seen this game, then how can you go to search it?

I have sent three E-mails to the Oculus Store Team, and only automatic reply, no one gave me an explanation???

I love Oculus since I got the first DK1 to start,but I really need your help now !

Honored Guest
Can someone from Oculus help me ? :'( 

@InnerExodus  @cybereality  @imperativity

I will be very grateful for your help! 😛

I assume you were looking for your game on your account which owns the game. Games that you have purchased/downloaded will no longer show up in the store for you. Since I have not purchased your game, I can see ElectroBeats showing up in the store.

Hi MirrorMan,

I've looked up your app with a few test accounts and am seeing it showing up normally. For instance, if you search alphabetically in the Games category, it is discoverable as expected.

If you have further concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly and I'll be happy to look into them.