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Is there an app limit?

Honored Guest

I would like to find out if there's a limit to the number of Apps you can create on any given account?
We are in the process of developing small education apps, interactive and non-interactive and each may require an indefinite amount of translations.
Is it fine to create an indefinite amount of apps for each translation?  Our intention is distribute through Keys.

Is there another option we could consider?
I have 4 apps in my account so far, but i doubt there is any limit on how many you can have. it is your
account and your organization. I don't think there is any limit. because if your studio produces 22 games for the oculus market, they want that platform fee for each game. money is money to them. there is no documentation that says there is a limit that i have found so I don't think there is. also it would not be wise to make an app for each language. you can setup translations in game and in your developer panel.

Honored Guest
Hi, thanks for your response.  I'll have to figure out the in-app translations.  I would not consider myself a coder at all, so I wasn't keen on doing any additional coding as I have to do this after hours due to other deadlines.