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Keys Only Distribution for Quest - Non Game


I'm looking to develop a non-game app that will need to be install mainly by people at home with their own consumer headsets.  Its not entertainment and is healthcare based and doesn't really for in the store.  I initially tried to contact support asking for advice on how to distribute the app but after spending time reading through all the Oculus docs I stumbled across the option of a 'keys only' deployment which I quote from the official Oculus docs...

....You can request to distribute an app only through keys and not through the Store. This is useful for enterprise-use apps, apps intended for attendees of a certain event or other apps that require limited availability. You can request keys-only reviews by going to your app dashboard and entering "Please review for keys only" in the Message for Reviewers text field before submitting.....

Only trouble is I'd like to target Quest so I don't have the ability to create an app, submit builds etc etc.  I only need 'keys only' deployment, whats the process please?  Do I still need to submit a concept for review etc?

I've tried contacting Oculus consumer support regarding my query but got asked to contact Oculus for Business, I actually chatted to them today and they have told me to talk with the consumer team, can anybody help please?

Thanks all

Peter Edwards


I got a reply from support, thought I'd copy it here so everyone has this knowledge....

Hi Peter.

Unfortunately there is no equivalent to "Keys Only" on the Oculus Quest at this time, and thus the only paths to ship a Quest application are either through our approval via our Quest Pitch form or via Oculus for Business. If this changes in the future we will make sure to let our developer community know.

oculus Developer Support

So currently theres no way outside of side loading to distribute an app that has a smaller consumer audience.  Not everyone is technically competent enough to set up side loading or wants to.

Chris Pruett (Director of Content Ecosystem @ Oculus) tweeted a few months ago the following (I can't link to it as I'm a newbie on the forum and not allowed)

We also understand that many devs and enthusiasts are looking for easier ways to access and distribute applications outside of the Oculus Store. This is an area we’re actively thinking about (more to share soon!)

Be nice to hear some more news on this!