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Missing the gallery titles

Dear All!

I would like to share my story because I'm a little bit sad and helpless. Few days ago Oculus published my new game 'Avoid the darkness'. After some review they said that the game will be published in the gallery title section. This is my 2. game which is published there. My first game was understandable to be published there, but I checked every guide, they official requirements etc and made my 2. game. I bought many models, textures, animations, sub and many more to create this horror game.  I got some money after my first game (while the default order of the gallery section was the release date) and I thought that it's a good platform so my goal was to write a game which should be published in the normal sections of the store.

After the release information I wanted to know the reason that why the game is released under Gallery titles and not in the real horror section, and the answer was : 'we can't offer specific feedback at this time. We monitor user metrics for all our apps, and any titles that show outstanding user adoption, game play time, etc. are reviewed regularly for conversion into the main section of the Oculus Store.'

There is nothing wrong about the gallery section itself, but

1) few weeks ago they changed the default order of the gallery title list
which is now the popularity!
The brand new games appear in the last position of the default gallery list. 
2) If you check the store from phone with the gear vr, you can realise, that there is no Gallery Titles menu, just 'Browse all' now. If you open the browse all, you can see all the real store games and gallery games as well, but because of the popularity order, nobody will find the new gallery title games now! There is no category filter in the 'Browse all' section :(.

So I think, after all, there is no chance to "show outstanding user adoption, game play time, etc." for some genre, or at least impossible to achieve it or just after a massive advertisement somehow but it's not worth it. Not worth to write and publish a game. And not just the game with many hours playtime can be interesting in this platform, actually I think the little but sary or interesting games are better when neighbors or friends come to a party or something like that...

I would like to know you opinion about the topic.