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Moving app up in store listing

Does anyone know how the Gallery apps (GearVR) section is sorted when browsing in the Oculus store? I'm trying to figure out the best way to try to get mine listed earlier. Mine was listed last on the first day of release (Earth Origin), so it's not based on release date, and it's also not based on number of reviews or the rating. I suppose it's a combination of things. I'd just like to know what I should focus on.

Also, I suppose it's probably too late now (my initial release was Jan 11th, but that was a slightly unfinished pre-release, my official release was on Jan 26th), but is there a way to get my app listed on the Just Released section? The pre-release was listed in that section when it first came out either.

Heroic Explorer
If you want to be featured in the Just Released section you can reach out to the Store Submissions team, and they will review your request.
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