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My app has been Approved for Oculus Keys only. Suggestions to get it to the Store?

Level 2
Its an Arcade type shooter for gear vr/oculus go that uses the headsets accelerometer to detect shaking which allows the user to Jog in one spot to move within the game.  They approved a similar app I made that uses the same locomotion and put it on the store. So not sure why this one is not store worthy.  Shooters are popular. Its a shoot to see how fast you can finish the target.

Level 10
Try posting more about your game with footage so we can get a better idea of the state of the submission. Theres a lot of reasons you might get a keys only release but without anything to look at its hard to zero in on what the issue might be.

Level 2

Basically you have to shoot the 15 targets as quickly as you can. The game records the best time.  Its more like a casual Arcade shooter. But the main functions of the game is that it uses the Jog to Move design.  And there are very few games that use this so I would think they would be interested in it. 

Level 4
how do you apply just for Oculus Keys?

Level 2
I didn't apply for Keys. I submitted it for deployment to the Store but they only approved it for Keys. 

I'm going to be brutally honest at why I think this game was rejected.

  1. It's really basic
  2. The animations are subpar
  3. I don't see any game hud? health?
  4. I don't see any story to it at all.
  5. Needs some quests, things to do, scoring system or some sort reason to kill things
  6. looks like a template game that has added a few models.
  7. lighting is not there in your trailer.
  8. nothing special about the game by what I see in the trailer.
  9. In VR you should have things the player can interact with otherwise there is no immersion.
  10. game looks like a fps PC game that has a vr camera added but no immersion at all.
  11. head should move sepeorate from the gun

Games need to be appealing, graphically nice, have something to do other than just shoot at things.
Add some quests, gun upgrades etc, I believe the game was rejected due to no immersion at all.