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Need Help identifying why my app isn't being accepted for the store!

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Tunescape has been submitted multiple times now with notes
that it is to be considered for placement on the Oculus Store as an
Early Access title at a price point of $9.99.  As far as I know, the app
meets all the requirements necessary for such inclusion.

I checked in on my developer dashboard to find that the build has been
marked "Approved for Keys" once again.  I've received no correspondence
with regards to why the app was rejected from the store.  Nothing is
noted as failing in the 'Build Test Results' screen.  I don't know what else to do at this point.
I've e-mailed submissions multiple times, and just re-opened a support ticket (


).  All I've gotten in response is "I've passed along your feedback to our review teams".  This time I also CC'd the Oculus Start
team, as perhaps someone there can look into this further for me,

I'm ready to launch ASAP, and need to get this sorted out!


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Their response:

Thanks for reaching out. When your app was approved for
keys in January, it was noted that the app does not meet the standards
to be included in the Oculus Store.

We have enabled Oculus Key generation on your submission
so that you can distribute your content through the Oculus platform.
Oculus Keys are free for you to use and can be generated through the Developer Center under the "Platform" tab while managing your build. More information on Oculus Keys is available here.

Due to the volume of submissions, we can't offer specific
feedback at this time. To get an idea of the content standards required
for the Oculus Store, please take a look at our publishing
documentation, especially our Best Practices and Publishing Requirements. You can also look through the games and applications that we currently feature.

We continue to monitor user metrics for our all apps, and
any titles that show outstanding user adoption, game play time, etc. are
reviewed regularly for conversion into the main section of the Oculus
Store. You'll be able to get more information here about the App Review Process, as well as what to do next for Post-App Release.


The Oculus Store Team

and my follow-up:

When Tunescape was submitted in January, it may not have
met the store guidelines in some way, but I was never informed of why
exactly. This is now July, and the app has evolved and grown immensely
in that time. This re-submittal was specifically to get a new review
for inclusion in the store.

It sounds like you are suggesting that the only way for me
to get Tunescape onto the store at this point is to do some sort of
third-party distribution using Oculus keys until it has somehow gained
traction without a store presence. The entire point of getting onto the
store is for presence and discoverability.

Assuming that Tunescape doesn't meet the requirements six
months after its original rejection, without a full review, is
ludicrous. The app now meets all best practice and publishing
requirements, and should be tested and reviewed as such.

How can any app "show outstanding adoption" if users can't see the app on the store to purchase and download?

A full review is necessary, not just an assumption that
the app today is the same as it was six months ago. I will keep this
issue open until a full review has been performed.

I seriously don't understand what the disconnect is here.  And the fact that they NEVER provide any actual feedback or reasoning for a rejection is a terrible way to handle a submissions process.  The app has every right to be listed in the store, but I feel like I'm being blackballed without a reason.

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I re-submitted the app last night and by midday today it was once again marked as 'Approved for Keys Only'. 

I'm sure I sound like a broken record.  And I love everything else to do with Oculus that I've been exposed to.  I really don't want to be that guy who draws as much attention to an issue as possible.  But I've about had it with the submission review team.  I'll give it until tomorrow to hopefully hear back from someone looking into it, but I can't say I'm hopeful.  

Tunescape should be available on the Oculus store.  The submitted builds pass all requirements and guidelines.  I've left explicit instructions via submission notes and through a support ticket.  Yet the review team continues to mark it as 'approved for keys only', and give no feedback.

I really hope this isn't the experience that every dev has when trying to get their product onto the store.  I want to believe my case is an outlier.  If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow, I'll be airing my grievances on reddit.  Again, not because I want to, but what other recourse do I have left?

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The Oculus Start team came through big for me here and I've received an e-mail with detailed feedback, finally.

Huge thanks to whomever made it happen!