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Oculus Quest Publishing Access Rejection

Honored Guest
Dear developers, 

After waiting for almost 2 months, I finally got the result from Oculus. 

"Thank for taking the time to submit your pitch.

After a thorough review of your submission, your application has not been accepted to receive Oculus Quest publishing access at this time. Your application is, however, a good candidate for the Oculus Start.

Oculus Start provides individual developers with access, dedicated developer support from our Developer Ecosystem team and savings from our ecosystem partners so you can focus on creating inspired VR applications targeting the Rift platform."

Very sad and confused now. Does this mean we can only develop for RIFT from this point forward?  or should we resubmit for access? (without knowing why it got rejected)

we tried to apply for OCULUS START but it requires us to upload a RIFT build. 

Not sure where we should go next. hopefully someone can shed some light. 



publishing means that it will be seen on the app store, If you have an incomplete build then it won't be playable and would be a waste of the consumer's time and money.
the rift part may mean that your game would not be good for the quest, but instead for rift.

Honored Guest
Is it a game app?

if you are talking about my first sentence then it doesn't matter if it was a game or not. if your talking about something else then I don't know what you mean.