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Oculus Quest and First Person Tennis

“After a thorough review of your submission, your application has not been accepted to receive Oculus Quest publishing access at this time. We would, however, like to invite you to release your app for the Oculus Rift & Rift S.”


My game, First Person Tennis is made for Quest and it is the best tennis simulator for VR and a lot of players are asking me when it will go out for Quest. 
How can i have the permission to publish it?

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This is very disappointing. Please release First Person Tennis on Oculus Quest!!!’

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alexbox74 said:

"Unfortunately it will not be developed for Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest is not powerful enough to get a perfect simulation" ( Mikori games post in steamcommunity )

And Quest 2?

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can you upload on SideQuest? A lot of people pay for this game

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Can you make it available on the app lab?

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To Mikorigames:
Dear Mikori,
I dreamed to play your game First Person Tennis on my quest, and bought  in particular with this game in mind. As I know, from now on you have the possibility to make it be available from App Lab. 
If you are going to do so, could you let us know when we can get it from there.