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Our game is not compatible with Gear VR

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On the submission form we checked our game,Golf 5 WIPP CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 is NOT compatible with Gear VR  but only with Oulus Go, but it has bo be available for this platform since we have received this review from user marcus-73:

Just says "no controller detected " when I load the line down middle of screen.using with Samsung!!!!

Please, we need to fix this

when you select what your game is compatible with, you only checkmark oculus go if this is the only headset it is compatible with.. you say you checked gear vr. you will need to edit your game in developer panel and remove that checkmark. you only check the ones it works with. NOT the ones it is NOT compatible with.

EXAMPLE: my game is only compatible with rift so i checkmark only rift.

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Thanks for yout answer.

Gear VR is not checked.

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When wearing the Gear VR headset, you can open your VR games and apps using the Library screen YourTexasBenefits.