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Please help - My game is launching today and the original support ticket (#414779) is being ignored.

Level 2
I received a support ticket (#414779) from Oculus on Monday 21st August stating my game "Keep Defending" had passed review and will be published in the store on Wednesday 23rd August. 

I'd like the game to launch with a discount but no-one has responded to the support ticket (either to sort out the discount or to delay the launch until the discount can be applied).

Unfortunately there has been practically no lead time (just 2 days) from the game passing review to the launch date (which I had no control over)!

I've been unable to do any marketing or awareness campaigns at all for the launch of Keep Defending on Oculus Home because I don't know what the launch price is going to be (whether there will be a discount or not)!

As a one-man development team/organisation releasing my first game on Oculus Home, this is something I really need to get right because every player really, really, matters.

My experience working on the Oculus platform has been so positive up to this point, that possibly falling over at this final hurdle is really disappointing. 😞

Please can someone from Oculus help?


Level 5

Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums, and thanks for reaching out.

Could you please PM me the name of your Developer Organization as well as the name of your app?  I will be happy to look into this on your behalf.

Level 2
This has now been sorted out by InnerExodus - thanks!