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Problem with Whirligig video player being rejected on the Oculus Store (PC build)

Expert Protege
Dear community

I've got a problem with getting my App 'Whirligig' accepted on the Oculus Store. The issue I'm running into is that it gets rejected on, quote "Your app should maintain a frame rate of 90 FPS most of the time.
Bad frame rate during video play back".

The problem I'm having is that I've submitted Whirligig a few times now and each time I've gone back optimise the code and improved it. I'm reaching the stage that I can't find any easy ways to squeeze out any more frames. I have and program on an below recommended spec system.

My system:
16 gb memory
Nvidia 970 GTX
Intel i5-3340

Within Unity the frame rate without wearing the headset and what I presume indicates the un 90fps capping of the player I'm achieving over 300 fps when the menu is visible and when the video is playing I get higher often over 400 fps (there's optimisation that means that less calls are used for the menu during playback). I've put on an fps counter and created a build and the fps is running at a consistent 90 fps.

I'm going to keep resubmitting but I don't know what I'm supposed to do as I'm achieving the required frame rate on my system. They don't offer direct communication with the review team although I am trying to contact them through support.

The information the review team have given is very brief and I don't know what the frame rate drop they are experiencing looks like. I also don't know what video they are trying to run. I have tested Whirligig with several videos including 4k video and still achieved on my system the required fps. I'm wondering whether it's intermittent drops maybe, which I might be missing in the player. 

If anyone has any ideas or advice I'd be very greatful. Whirligig has been on Steam since April last year with mostly positive review and is used by a lot of people. The version I'm submitting for Oculus is currently in Beta on Steam. I'm happy to give out Steam keys to anyone who can help and want to try out the player.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

All the best


Expert Protege
I've resubmitted after making more improvements, bug fixes and optimisation. One of the things that I found was turning off single pass rendering making it multi pass rendering seemed to improve the framerate on my system. Only by 20 fps or so but at least a bit.

The rejected reason being low frame rate while video is playing back is currently running at over 400 fps though the unity inspector. This is on my under recommended spec system. I'm assuming they're going to reject it again but I've put in the 'more information' a reach out message to hopefully get some direct contact with them.

fingers crossed although I don't have much hope. I guess I'm hoping for them to contact me so I can at least find a way of recreating the problem they're having.

Oh well. Guess it's just part of the process.

Expert Protege
Well I did get rejected again. It only took 24 hours so that's something and this time for some reason I'm not rejected on all systems for the fps (Windows 7 with AMD seemed to have passed for some strange reason. I have no idea why Nvidia windows 7 would fail as that's the same as my system and would of run in the same way.

I'm still reaching out to the developers as best I can but currently with little success. I've been informed they are going to improve the submission feedback process but don't offer anything more specific apart from try testing it on more systems which I'm already doing.

I'll just keep pushing on 🙂