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Project released only for Keys and no feedback

Honored Guest
My project was rejected for store release and was approved as keys only. I wrote support, who directed me to another email, then they directed me here to make a post (not even a single word on why it was rejected). I'm quite perplexed as it runs well, is bug free, and has positive reviews on Steam. Yes, the project is small and its more arty than most with a small scope. I'm happy to provide keys to anyone, not really sure how a post here will help. This smells of gatekeeping to me and makes me nervous about the future of medium that lends itself to experimentation. At the very least, Oculus could at least provide me with a few words on why it was rejected, otherwise I'm in the dark here as a developer and that is not good business as I'm sure there are other developers in my shoes.
Thank you. 
Project: Oneirogen

reading through your steam reviews i'm seeing things like this:
"There is not really enough here to form any kind of recommendation, positive or negative"
This is a ~22 minute VR mostly artistic experience ...This really isn't a game"
It's not really a game...The visual fidelity is serviceable but not great, and some of the mechanics need work"

The first sentence here under 'things to know before you submit'
"We curate our store for quality, polish, entertainment value, and utility."

I'm going to say thats where you're not quite nailing it. Not trying to put your work down by any means, but i'd say thats the most likely reason, just not enough content and polish.
Best of luck getting onto the store!

Honored Guest
Thanks for taking the time to look at it MikeF. Some of those quotes were from an earlier version and the mechanics have been tweaked. I did extensive user testing (over 100 users and interviewed them) and wouldn't have put it forward for consumption if it didn't work or provide entertainment value. 

I mean I get it. It lacks a certain polish and more than an hour of content, but it is certainly more entertaining and enjoyable than a number of projects I've seen and played on the store.  My project has heart, I put my soul into it, which is why this is so frustrating. 

A general sentiment I have is I don't understand why the fact that its not a normal game is a problem. VR is going to introduce new forms of interactive media, and interactive experiences will become more popular especially for non gamers. 

I can live with it not being on the store and ultimately I can understand their reasoning for keeping their storefront vanilla, but what bothers me is: 

A. lack of feedback from Oculus, they could have told me what you did the first email. And specifics would go a long way in making better projects. 

B. this gate keeping by the store preventing indie devs from distributing their smaller and experimental pieces may be detrimental to the medium in the long run. We need weird stuff to push VR beyond its current scope. Its not worth it for indie devs to bother with Oculus builds if their release depends on the opinion of some hidden curator. This is why I'm abandoning the Oculus store build and probably won't bother again for any future projects. 

I'm not trying to argue their decision, just venting my frustration and my concerns because I care about the medium so much. 

Good luck everyone with your projects. 

p.s. I've got keys to Oneirogen if ya want them

I spent a year making my game and it was approved for keys, I feel your pain man. 

Same here, 6 months of development, 6 months fighting with the support, and finally approved for keys.

The same app for which they gave me the Oculus Start status...