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Promotion - "Not Approved"

Expert Protege
Hi guys, 
I have been using the Promotions option for sometime now, and I remember that it had a rule that a game could not be on promotion for more than 2 weeks, but I do not remember any other rule. There is a guideline about how to use the promotions?

I ask this mainly because my last request for promotion for my games got reject, I set to put some of our GearVR games in promotion in the Week 3 of April (last time we put in promotion was Week 1) and I got no feedback at all about the rejection. It would be great to have any feedback for approvals and rejections.

Besides that, how do I know that my announcement has been approved? We have successfully fixed a bug in our game and I wanted to let people know about the fix.. is that possible?

Kind regards,


Expert Protege
Thanks @imperativity I will send them an email and I hope there is a good word when we got some documentation about it.