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Publishing Department

Level 2
We submitted our app. passed tech and content review, and was advised we were in "Publishing". we have inquired ( gently) with only an automated response. we have submit over 4 weeks ago. now we get no response or acknowledgement  at all

Level 2
I came here to make this same post, almost word for word. We submitted on May 20th, 39 days ago. I'm starting to panic a little bit because a story for the app we've been working on for a month or so are about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary and will not be relevant once that's passed, so we've got a lot riding on this submission. Our app has passed the tech and content review as well and we've been waiting since the "content" review for the "publishing" review to complete since the 10th of this month. 18 days.

Is there any way possible to get an update? Is this an issue with the promotional materials that may require a lot of work?