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Quest publishing access application feedback

Hi Guys,

I just submitted a game pitch to the Quest store which was rejected. The rejection itself is quite disappointing. However, the real disappointment/frustration comes from the lack of feedback. I'm sure there are others who are in this boat... Here's what Oculus provided as feedback:

Thank for taking the time to submit your pitch.

After a thorough review of your submission, your application has not been accepted to receive Oculus Quest publishing access at this time.

The Rift platform is the perfect environment to try new content, backed by the power of a modern PC, and the large PC-based VR audience.

We hope to see you there,
The Oculus Team

Obviously, this isn't exactly insightful and leaves me scratching my head wondering what I did wrong. 

My game pitch was well presented with clear explanations of the concept, gameplay, marketing and development effort. The pitch was well written, backed up with concept art by a professional game concept artist. I consulted VR game publishers for feedback on my pitch and received positive responses. Here is one such response:

Many thanks for the game pitch, it does look really great - casual, nice art style - could be a superb VR title.  

In my pitch I introduced the team who would be working on the game which includes 4 in-house , full-time developers with a history of producing VR/AR apps and games.

I'm obviously disappointed that they haven't approved my game, but I just can't understand why there is no reason given! Why would I, or any other indie developer want to submit more ideas? It takes time and effort to put one of these pitches together! I get that Oculus wants to make the Quest store a curated experience with great content from big studios. The bar is obviously high... but how is anyone supposed to make that leap successfully without any feedback on your failed attempts?


I commented on your reddit post, but this is just how it is for now.  Thankfully you didn't finish a port/the work before getting the rejection.  Oculus is being very picky about what goes into the store and it's based on things we don't even know about, they are willing to have a small storefront that's full of high quality broad-based games and experiences.

They are willing to sacrifice very high quality niche experiences.

Can you attempt to re-pitch it? Also, how long did it take to hear back from them?

Honored Guest
i'm rejected too without any explainations , oculus team kill little dev .