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Rename a New Unpublished App?

Level 2
I can't find where to rename my unpublished app. SURELY this is a feature as I can't imagine such a simple, obvious feature would be missing from a professional storefront, but I can't find it. Searching in the forums shows that to rename a PUBLISHED app you need to send a support ticket. Surely that's not necessary for an unpublished app? Can anyone help?

Level 2
Thanks. After changing the app name, will I or (anyone) ever see this "canonical" name anywhere, including customers?

Level 3
I would also like to know this. Is it possible?

Not applicable
I think you have to create a new app in the Oculus dashboard to change the name, unfortunately.

Level 3
Hi, I've the same need here, is that possible or do I have to create a brand new app with the new name?

Level 2
How can I rename the App that was already approved for Oculus Keys only?

Level 2
I too have this question, I'm used to having working titles and then changing the name at the end once I've decided before publishing. I hope I don't need to create a completely new app for submission?

Level 3

I've been looking into this and from the looks of it once your app has been approved you can't change any details about it.


If there is someone at Oculus that we can contact to address this that would be amazing.

I too created an app with a WIP name and now need to change it before going public.