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[Solved]GearVR Back Button Short & Long Press Issure(On headset and controller)

Honored Guest
Nowadays,we provided our app for oculus gearvr team review.
We've been rejected severial tiems by the back button issue.
Then we used the OVRPlatformMenu to solve this problem.We added two OVRPlatformMenu Scprits:
one used  keycode==Escape, for the headset back button;
the other used keycode == Joystick Button 1,used for the contrller back button. and we passed the button checking, but  unfortunately met some other issues.

And just for we released the newest app for review, we've been rejected by the back button issues again!  And we didn't change the scripts any bit! The issue button is the headset back button. when we press it short, it should be the inquire" Whether go back to the oculus home? Cancle",and when we long press it, should bring us to the universal page.But the fact is ,when we press the heatset back button shortly, it either firstly appear the inquire sentence,then go to the universal page, or just go back to oculus home directly.Every apk we produce from Unity all have this issue after that.

we tested our apk before the last one for oculus team for review,  it was fine about these back buttons. So we don't know where we were wrong and what we can do to ajust to fix this.

So do you have some suggestions?
Thank you!

Hi voidrhythminc,

Welcome to the Oculus forums.

Happy to work with you on this.  Please check your inbox.

Honored Guest
Thanks for reply!
Now we sovled this problem.
It is caused by the hotkey conflict about the keycode==Escape.
One of our team member used the "Escape" keycode for someother sitution, so when we used it in the OvrPlatformMenu script for the headset backbutton, it caused these issues.