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Sudden sharp drop in downloads from an increasing tendency

Hello, my Gear VR game got released just 3 days ago and it was so successful that it even appeared in the Free and Popular category by day 2, it got a rating of 5.0 with eight 5-star reviews, long play times and very few uninstalls. I got 77 ACTIVE users in just 2 days despite my game being placed in Gallery Apps and being placed last one even among the 18 games that launched in Gallery Apps the same day. Despite all these harsh launch conditions my game got the best rating and was the most popular by day 2 out of those 18 apps launched the same day.

Then from this increasing download rate of 130 per day, all of a sudden in the middle of day 3 my download rates dropped to almost non-existent (something like 15 per day), and the app got even removed from the Free and Popular category. There was no new app released in my category that could explain such a huge drop suddenly, and its counter-intuitive with such a good start.

What is the problem here, how could such a big change happen with no apparent reason?



It would appear as if quite a few users downloaded your app due to it being new to our Gallery, as well as being the start of the weekend. We have looked into your concerns and can confirm that there is no issue with your app or how it is being distributed via the gallery.

We encourage you at this time to be your own advocate, and get the word out online endorsing the content that you've created. For questions or concerns regarding your analytics in the future, please reach out to me via PM, or contact us at


It would appear as if quite a few users downloaded your app due to it being new to our Gallery, as well as being the start of the weekend.

@InnerExodus Actually, the downloads went down just when the weekend started, somewhere around middle of Satruday, from 130 to 15 per day. And stayed that way ever since. And again, my game got into the 'Free and Popular' category just on Friday, but then it got removed from there immediately on Saturday. Quite a rollercoaster, doesn't feel very consistent.

And yes I'm doing marketing (on a limited budget though). I guess if being free contributes so little to the organic reach then I'll just have to make it a paying app. I've shared this also as an experience that may help others to choose their monetization model.

Thanks for the response, appreciate your help!

Hey there, sorry for the off topic question but I was just wondering how long are your play times? If you don't mind sharing.

I'm just trying to figure out what would be a good metric to aim for.