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The submission review process is horrible

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My app was released on Jan 23 on Steam.  The intention was to simultaneously release on the Oculus store.  I understood that the review might take a bit longer, resulting in a delayed Oculus release.  What I hadn't counted on is the awful nature of this process.  The way it's being handled is just plain bad business.

First submit - Comes back in 2 days saying it failed the entitlements test.  I had forgotten to switch one thing over from the
Steam build I had just done before the Oculus build. No problem.  Fixed and
re-submitted next day.

Second submit - Wait a week and a half, no
correspondence or updates. Finally I see on my dev portal that its
status was changed to "Approved for Keys Only". Can't find any
documentation on what that means. No e-mail was sent to inform me of
the change, or the reason for a less-than-full approval.

Contact to support - Comes back in 2 days with "You'll
need to contact submissions." You're support; you should
be able to simply forward the request to where it needs to be.

Contact to submissions - Another 2 day lapse before receiving an e-mail that says, and I quote:

. . .does not meet the standards to be included in the Oculus Store.

Due to the volume of submissions, we can't offer specific feedback at this time.

No reasons given, or suggestions to avoid the same result on another
submittal. Are you shitting me? And I never did get any e-mail outside
of the reply to the support ticket that was created. So I'm just
supposed to guess what doesn't meet the standards, and wait 1-2 weeks
to get a basic yes/no with no feedback whatsoever?  Is it one thing?  Is it multiple things?  The documentation on the Lifecycle of an Oculus VR App says:
"If your app fails its initial technical review, we want to make sure you
know why, and what to do next. We email you a detailed report about
your app, showing you exactly which technical requirement(s) you're
missing, and pointing you toward links in our Developer Center"
Well, I wasn't even informed of whether my app's submission failure was at the technical or content review stages.  Let alone getting a "detailed report...showing [me] exactly" what's wrong.

So if support can't/won't help, and submissions gives no feedback, despite making me wait a couple weeks, where do I go from here?