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Toy Factory - please share your feedback :)

Level 2
We've finished a project and would like to show it on the Oculus Store. The app has passed all the technical tests, but isn't further accepted. Does anyone have similar issues or is able to help to identify what should be changed? The app in question is Toy Factory and I'll be more than happy to give you some keys to access it.
It would be great if you could leave your feedback and let me know what you think, especially about the design and interactions. Thanks!



Level 4
I'm in the same boat, will be sharing my keys probably today as well. Would be helpful if Oculus gave some feedback instead of sending us on wild goose chase.

Downloaded your app, will give you some feedback in a bit!

Level 4
Everything was pretty smooth! I liked it. I'm not too sure why you didn't get approved, but I'm thinking it's because the experience is somewhat limited compared to other apps. It would be cool if there were mini games to play with the toys (i.e. points for shooting targets, a race with the air plane, etc.). More toys would be cool as well. I was thinking would be great is the ability to control the plane after you launched it. The Oculus first contact app is somewhat similar to you're doing, I would recommend giving that a try and make your experience better than that!

I also noticed 2 minor technical problems:

- Dart Colliders weren't always perfect as they would float around the object I shot at
- When I shot the balloon to the right a few times it went into a crazy spin fest

Wish I could be more help.. hopefully more people can give it a try and point you in the right direction!