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VRC.PC.Performance.7: Unusual distortion and convergence error - How to solve ?

Level 3

I recently submitted my game to oculus but my game got rejected because of the following reason.

VRC.PC.Performance7 : App must render without convergence errors or unusual distortion

They said that "Judder can be seen when the user moves or rotates on the main menu using the control sticks".

How can I solve this problem ? I am using Unity 2019.3.6f1. Please someone help because I am not able to understand why this problem happens. Did anyone else had this problem ?


Level 3
So I solved it. It could happen because of couple of reasons. 
1. Because of adaptive resolution option in the ovrcamera rig
2. For me, I was moving my player in FixedUpdate, but the camera gets updated in update I think. So, I put the character movement codes in LateUpdate, and I do not have any distortions now