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Resolved! How to resolve entitlement check failure?

It appears that our application has failed the entitlement check part in the technical review the past couple times we tried submitting it. We have gone through the documentation and can't figure out what the issue in our entitlement check is.Below w...

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Anonymous by Not applicable
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Error: ovr-platform-util: command not found

I get this error when trying to upload to App Lab.I have the ovr-platform-util.exe in the folder. Do I need to set anything up to make this work? $ ovr-platform-util upload-quest-build --app_id 123456789 --app_secret random --apk edu.FVTC.AutoShop.ap...

Certificate Changed

I am getting "The APK is signed with a different certificate. Be sure to use the same keystore and key as used for a previous version".I first got an error that I had it signed with V2 type of signature which is not compatible with the Oculus Go. So ...

nice0 by Honored Guest
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One user, multiple release channels

Hi,We want to be able to have multiple release channels (dev, bleeding edge, stable) to service our dev/test team and different clients with different levels of risk tolerance. This is fine if we assign any given user to a single channel, but it seem...

Cannabis related

Hi, I have a client who wishes to develop a Cannabis-related app, does Oculus allow it on the store?

ki7a by Protege
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Rename a New Unpublished App?

I can't find where to rename my unpublished app. SURELY this is a feature as I can't imagine such a simple, obvious feature would be missing from a professional storefront, but I can't find it. Searching in the forums shows that to rename a PUBLISHED...

AndroidManifest.xml Problem

Hey, I am trying to upload my app into applab but it won't accept itI am getting this error :* ‎APK install location should be `auto` (android:installLocation in AndroidManifest.xml). See documentation at:

LightLion by Honored Guest
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OpenVR DLL, what should I do?

Hi, I have a game developed in Unity, using SteamVR SDK. And there is a error when publishing to Oculus Rift store, saying that I need to remove openvr_api.dll from the build.But all my code depends on openvr_api!There is some way to publish my game ...

How do you go from App Labs to the main store?

Just wondered how a game goes from App Labs to the main Oculus store?Is it down to how popular your app is?I'm not sure if this is good or bad for indie developers since indie developers don't have lots of money for promotion and advertising. But it ...

Resolved! Encode video correctly

I seem unable to properly encode a video for an Oculus store submission using VLC. 720p or 1080p I get back "Invalid aspect ratio". I scoured the guide at yet didn't find anything I wa...

Oculus Quest and First Person Tennis

“After a thorough review of your submission, your application has not been accepted to receive Oculus Quest publishing access at this time. We would, however, like to invite you to release your app for the Oculus Rift & Rift S.”Why? My game, First Pe...

Developer Distribution Agreement

Hello Devs,While going through the Developer Distribution agreement we've identified few points which we need further clarity on before we release our app. They are1. There's a Sub-clause within 'Grant of Rights' which says 'to persons who have purch...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Delete App From Oculus Store

How would I go about deleting my app from the Oculus store? I've submitted support tickets and emailed; is there no way to do this in the developer dashboard? @NinjaGaijin

Oculus Quest Publishing Access Rejection

Dear developers, After waiting for almost 2 months, I finally got the result from Oculus. "Thank for taking the time to submit your pitch.After a thorough review of your submission, your application has not been accepted to receive Oculus Quest publi...

Assets need to be transparent

I keep getting my submissions rejected because my assets are not transparent. But they are? It has happend with both my games, one of them already published and had no previous issues. Has Oculus changed requirements on assets? I can not seem to figu...

Can someone please help me with submission

I have recently submitted a pitch and it was rejected, but told in the rejection notice to apply for Oculus-Start. I follow the linkin the rejection notice that takes me to an application process for Oculus-Start. The Page has a drop down to choose m...

Approving stuck for 2+ weeks...

Hi. I send my application 17 days ago for approval. After 3 days I saw that someone from approving team open applications and completes some levels in-game (by logs). After that 2 weeks, the game stuck in "Under review by Oculus" status, and nothing ...

duksel by Honored Guest
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