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Game Review Industry

Hello,I'm trying to get my game more visibility through the VR Industry. I created a fun and challenging mobile football game for the Gear VR. Oculus then hid the game in the void that is the Gallery. Apparently I need to get my game noticed in vario...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Why my new game is NOT showing in United states?

Why my new game is NOT showing in United states? I didn't got a single purchase from USA! For my other two games in Oculus Gear VR they are doing fine in United states from the first month. Typically Any new game earn a good amount from USA in first ...

How do Touch update at 90hz

Hi,Iam a developer of VR drum games, and my app has had problems during the review process. "Additional message from a reviewer: The stick position/orientation only seem to be updated at 30hz orso, they should update at 90hz."Inmy game, OCULUS Touch ...

pomfish by Level 2
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Application not available for S8+

We are about to launch our new game, and have open for Beta testers. One of them using a S8+ sent me this pictures stating that the app is not available for him.How can I change this to make it work? I cannot see any option.Besides that, another Beta...

Problem with Platform Command Line Utility

No matter what I try with the command line utility, I always get the version number to say "false." Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Here is my command:ovr-platform-util upload-rift-build -a 123 -s 123 -d "C:\Game\ToUpload" -l "game.exe" ...

omtron by Level 4
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Resolved! Requests to change release date are ignored

I am puzzled by the way Oculus handles the publishing of our game. Normally a few days of delays in responding to requests wouldn't be a problem but when the last minute email we got that our game has been approved says that it is going to be release...

[Rift] UE4 app test status stuck at running.

Hello, When uploading my UE4 app, the build test status keeps being stuck at 'running' for all channels since several days now. The first upload to the alpha channel worked fine and still is marked as 'completed'.This is a simple standard packaged UE...

HEGI by Level 4
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Can't upload to alpha (or beta) channel

Everytime I try to upload a zip file to the alpha channel, nothing happens.I select a file from my hard disk and after that the dashboard layout is displayed without any content.I tried different builds and browsers, but nothing made a difference.Yes...

hgpn by Level 3
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"Lifetime Units Sold" value Resets Everyday

Hello,The analytics values for my app keep sending me back to the bottom of the popularity filter in the Oculus store; I'd really appreciate some help with this.I've tried asking for help via I've tried asking for help via the...

universal menu progression blockers on Windows 7...

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how I could fix this issue:"When opening the Universal Menu during gameplay, and then closing it to return to the app...the screen is completely black in the headset, causing the app to be unplayable."^ This only ha...

TrevJT by Level 4
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No Brazil for publishing?

I am about to release a game, and have been visiting to fill the required forms. When I reached the Payment information page, I found out that Brazil is not in the countries list...Why is that? Sorry to make such a compar...

imerso by Level 3
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Resolved! Is the IAP (In App Purchase) upload broken?

Hey there, we've want to integrate an IAP in our app. One of the first thing is (before you can access them and use the code stuff), you'll need to configure the available IAP (under your app / details / platform / IAP) - there you got a TSV template...

noemis by Level 4
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Support is don't answer.

Hi,4 days ago we received an e-mail notification from Oculus support team (ticket #372575) that our application "Altair Fulldome Cinema" was removed from Oculus Gear VR Store while some users had a problem with IAP subscription. We fixed that problem...