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The new developers site UX/UI is awful

I wanted to generate keys to my game.I entered I saw the new UI, so I thought to myself:"I want to do an action related to distributing my game, lets click distribute""Nope... no Apps list here""Hey! here's a big bu...

I can't access the Dashboard

Hi.I don't know why, but I can't access when i'm logged in.HTTP ERROR 500 on ChromeandOn IE, the webpage don't load.Is it the same for everyone ?Any idea ?Thanks.

Resolved! How to promote another game? Advertising?

Hi, I have a game in the store and plan on releasing a few more games. I want to advertise my second game to the users of my first game, does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do that?Current: Just advertise it and people will find itIdeal ...

TrevJT by Protege
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Cannot create a new app with name used previously

Hi,As a test, I had created a new app called with a name & then deleted the entire app. Now, I am trying to create a new app with the same name used for the test & it doesn't allow me to use it saying it already exists, even though it is not being us...

User reports S8+ hard crashes and wants refund

I received a review of a user claiming that our game is hard crashing the phone (S8+), making it reboot.I wonder if we can assume that games submitted last month have been tested on S8 devices ?The user is also asking for a refund... is that possible...

dpasca by Honored Guest
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How can I see the total lifetime number of installs?

Previously, I could get a nice big number of installs (throughout the lifetime of our app) at the top of the analytics dashboard, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I tried adjusting the timeframe of my dashboard view, but the time filter doesn't ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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SteamVR in Unity

Hello, im fairly new to the VR world and i am looking for a cross platform solution. Obviously as a developer the goal is to release to as many platforms as possible.utilising the SteamVR plugin in Unity allows cross compatibility with the HTC Vive w...

krazor94 by Honored Guest
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Why we can't save "Payment info“?

When we are trying to add "Payment Info", we constantly got this message:"Something went wrong. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can. "We double checked all the items on the page and everything works without error message. Could you pl...

horacex by Honored Guest
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Entitlement Check

I'm new to this process, so please forgive the newb questions:What *should* happen when an entitlement check is negative? Should I set it to quit game, or display a message? What's the proper handling? I'm using Unreal Engine 4.14, and I'm following ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Demo Versions?

Is there a place for making feature requests for the Oculus Platform SDK?I'd really like to offer a demo version that uses the exact same build as the full version, and I simply limit functionality by doing something similar to an entitlement check.

Unable to download app build from oculus 404

I have a recently submitted an app to be reviewed by Oculus for release. I was told that there were some input issues that I am unable to recreate locally, so I have attempted to download the build direct from oculus. Doing so however, from the "Buil...

Can't respond to reviews of my app Whirligig

I might be being stupid here but I can't respond to reviews on my App. It says here that you can respond to reviews but I can't find the response button.All I want to d...

phileday by Expert Protege
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How to test my rift app.

Hello, everyone.My app recevied a feed back from oculus support team.It call me add the user check.But when I added it in my program and build it with unity.Then run it,it crashed.Someone knows what happend?And how to fix it?Thanks a lot.

Submission errors hard to correct

Hello,We recentlyhave submitted an application, developped with Unity 5.4.3, on the oculus store.A first submission callback showed two distinct errors :Error1 : If your app requires an internet connection for itscore functionality, please notify use...

bchaps by Explorer
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GDC, SXSW and PAX Delaying launching?

Hi guys, I have been trying to launch a new VR Experience in the store and it is In Review for more than 3 weeks already.Is there any problem because of the events in the last weeks?Kind regards,

pekayatt by Expert Protege
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Publish GearVR app built with Unity 5.6 beta

Hi,I could successfully upload an APK (in the Alpha Channel) built with Unity 5.6.0b8 but I'm facing the following issue: My app appears as "Not Supported for Your Device or OS" in the "Not Installed" tab of the Oculus app Library.Also, I'm having is...

Flo13 by Protege
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