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Official GearVr App outside Oculus Store

Can I ask Oculus to review my GearVr App to get the Android Application Signature, and then use it outside the Oculus Store? I want to send the apk to my customers and open the app without enter in the Oculus Store.Is it possible?

clarke by Level 2
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What countries are my app available in?

Hi, can anyone explain to me where my app is available? Do I need to worry about language localization or anything?Someone told me there is a Chinese Gear VR store and they could help me get into it?About 20% of my reviews are not in English.

TrevJT by Level 4
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Profit share in store

I am new commer , want to make an VR game on Gear VR , but I do not konw if there is the profit share for the paid game between Oculus store and developer ? Thanks !

Update loop after new build added to Alpha

After successfully adding a new build to our alpha channel, Oculus offers an update every time I visit the app in library, which seems to download and install, but them offers an update again as soon as I click.When I run the app it is the old versio...

HELP!!! Technical Review FAILED!!! PLS!

Hello, Everyone !We first submitted the app to the oculus store and waited a few days later to get the results of the failure...See the review details. Why are there two same technical reviews, but the results are completely different?"We could not c...

zgamevr by Level 2
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Help! What to put as organization name

I am a indie developer who uses my Oculus Rift to both play games on and develop on. I am trying to get more into the development side of things, but got stuck on this page... I dont have an organizat...

[GEAR VR] App Rejected

When going from in game and pressing back button (long press) it takes you to the Universal Menu which that should be fine. But pressing the back button once again it takes me to another screen which says "exit to Oculus Home?" Is there a way to remo...

Moving app up in store listing

Does anyone know how the Gallery apps (GearVR) section is sorted when browsing in the Oculus store? I'm trying to figure out the best way to try to get mine listed earlier. Mine was listed last on the first day of release (Earth Origin), so it's not ...

How can the app be Gallery app in oculus store?

our app got keys only as submission result. I think this is middle state for releasing.I found out 'Gallery App' is one of distribution methods. I know that the gallery app will be exposed to the oculus store for testing and checking user reactions b...

MintPot by Level 3
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How are demo's handled in the Oculus store? We want to upload a demo of our game available for free and also have a version available for purchase. Steam has an option to have a demo that is linked to the full version of the game.

IARC Rating

Hello, I've submitted our game a couple of days ago, and it's under review, I just read about the IARC rating, I did fill out some age suggestion thing, but when I look at my dashboard, the IARC email, ID, and Age Rating is blank, and I can't click o...

Corporate Distribution of Applications.

I am wondering if Oculus has a recommended way for apps to be distributed for private corporate use that still allow for the use of Oculus Platform features. Oculus Keys would seem to be the answer but it does not appear they can be used with sideloa...

plyrek by Level 4
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What does it mean?

At first it was soThen I was again sent build, write, S6 and Note4 not supported.The answer surprised me.What does it mean?Can I get a normal test report?

chingis by Level 2
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Translations part at the app submission issue!

we are working on VR content in both arabic and english, during checking how the submission process to be done, in the App Specifications section the Arabic and English languages are added, but when trying to add the translation of arabic language un...

Will Oculus Rift VR come to Israel?

Hello, I would like to ask the developers if Oculus Rift VR will come to Israel someday. If you did not plan to do that, can you please? I will be very satisfied that Oculus Rift VR will come to other countries.Thank you for the attention.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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