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How create privacy policy

Hi alli am sharing my app on the oculus store to Alpha.All step it s good but i don t know how create a "privacy policy".Someone know how ?Sorry to my english

Resolved! Registering as a Developer without an Organization

Recently I had a chat with oculus support which lead to me having my problems fixed up to the point where I needed a developer acccount. When you create an account it seems that it requires you to be apart of an organization while I am not apart of o...

Haawsome by Honored Guest
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Looking for input--What's wrong with my game?

I just got answer back from the Oculus Submissions Team today, "your application is not yet suited for the Oculus Store". It doesn't seem to be a technical problem; otherwise, I believe they would tell me more specifically what technical problem it h...


Submit Post to Explore API Failed

Hello,I have tried submitting by 2 computer(mac windows) when I click the button"submit for review", it said:Post Save ErrorGraphQL server responded with error 1357006: We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again.Is there any misop...


Problem with VRC.PC.Tracking.1

Hi.I got problem with passing VRC.PC.Tracking.1 test. Test's overview says "When configuring the submission metadata for your app, it must meet the requirements for either sitting, standing, or roomscale play modes." My app uses only roomscale mode a...

mszadko by Honored Guest
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VRC.PC.Performance.7 - Unusual distortion

VRC.PC.Performance.7 - Unusual distortionI failed my app submission because of unusual distortion and I can't reproduce this problem. Has anyone ever had this and can give me any pointers?I'm using Unity 2019.3.0f3 with Oculus Integration.My Testsyst...

foobyte by Honored Guest
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Store warning about x86 libraries for Go

In the Validation Test Results for our Go app, we've seen the following for the past month:"This app includes x86 libraries. These are unnecessary and take up space. The following x86 libraries should be removed:,, ...

Keys Only Distribution for Quest - Non Game

Hi,I'm looking to develop a non-game app that will need to be install mainly by people at home with their own consumer headsets. Its not entertainment and is healthcare based and doesn't really for in the store. I initially tried to contact support a...

Updating App on Store

For apps already on the store:To update it, do I just push a new build to the store channel? Or do I have to resubmit and run it through the review process again?

GigaSora by Expert Protege
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Uploading a new binary to the ALPHA channel

I'm trying to upload my first APK to the ALPHA Channel and I get stuck on "Current processing step: validating package contents (2/3)". Does anyone know how long this process usually takes? Or if there is something wrong with my build?

VRC.PC.Input.3 non-negotiable?

I am working through the submission process with my app (1682666568488584), and seem to have come to an impass with VRC.PC.Input.3.Unfortunately, due to the very nature of the app (it shows the user’s absolute sensor positions within an absolute room...

App denied because of VRC.PC.Performance.3

Hi my game was failed on VRC.PC.Performance.3 test(App must display graphics in the headset at 90 frames per second (Rift), or 80 frames per second (Rift S) on Nvidia 970 GPU running Windows 10). The result was: "The application does not perform at 8...

Create store compatible android manifest errors.

Hey guysWhen I build my apk file without creating the required manifest file, it builds beautifully.But the oculus store won't accept my build. So I follow all the instructions to a T and no matter what i do unity will not build my apk when I create ...