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Additional validation

Hi everyone,My app is development to oculus go, when upload it, the server returns this message to me:- This upload includes a library from an Oculus SDK newer than 1.41, which is incompatible with Gear VR.Do you know what could be the solution?Thank...

Our game is not compatible with Gear VR

On the submission form we checked our game,Golf 5 WIPP CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 is NOT compatible with Gear VR but only with Oulus Go, but it has bo be available for this platform since we have received this review from user marcus-73:Just says "no controll...

Lakento by Level 2
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Are ads allowed on Oculus Quest games?

I was looking at "frameplay" way of advertising (inserting internet served ads as physical billboards into your game's world like real billboards on real life)Since the player can walk in the street on my game, having billboard ads with real ads woul...

Recommending Content- Quarantined with Coronavirus

We're quarantined. What VR content are you consuming for your stress management? This is our app. It's called "Healium" as in HEAL. Is there a way to get Oculus to recommend peaceful content during this stressful time? You can float through a fractal...

storyup by Level 3
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"Approved" but not available?

Reposting here since my question went unanswered for three days on the general forum ... guess I should have started here.---Hi -We got a notification that our app "AVATOUR" was "Approved (keys only)" on March 4. On March 9th we got an email notice t...

VR Drum Kit - Feedback Please

Hi everyone!I'm an indie VR developer posting here today with my first game for Oculus Rift! I have created multiple Google Cardboard games before (see them on the Play Store or at, but I have only recently bought a Rift S f...

Is there an app limit?

Hi,I would like to find out if there's a limit to the number of Apps you can create on any given account?We are in the process of developing small education apps, interactive and non-interactive and each may require an indefinite amount of translatio...

Expired Product Key. Unable to add new key

Doing some testing. My developer used a product key and downloaded our app. The key expired Dec 31,2019. It fails entitlement check in Unity. In Oculus there isn't anything that indicates that the app is expired. Went to redeem a new product key it s...

Not yet suited for the Oculus Store?

We have recently passed all VRCs for our game but have only been approved for "keys only" and not launch to customers.The store folks have suggested we review these guidelines.I can see there are some areas we might change to be more compliant but th...

changing store visibility / release

I didn't realize my app would be released as soon as it was approved - I assumed I'd have the option to release it on my own schedule. How can I remove my app from the store and launch it on the date of my choosing?

How can I hide my app?

How can I hide/show my app in the store? I didn't realize that approval would lead to an immediate appearance on the store - I want to control when it gets published.

How to install Oculus go APP using Oculus KEYS

Hi Oculus team, I would like know how to proceed installing an Oculus Go app on many devices using Oculus Keys. Here is the situation:We have developed an Oculus Go app for our client. This app was approved for distribution using Oculus Go keys. We h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Store Screen shots

We got an email from Oculus informing us that some changes are requires before we are eligible for publication. I looked at the technical review and it says:I’m a little confused; The screen shots (all 5) are from the game, and nothing is added. The ...

How long does pushing an update take?

Our app has been approved and but has not yet cleared the store promo materials review. I had a couple of small changes requested, and I've fixed that and resubmitted but it's been a week or so ago.The problem is we're only 6 days away from the launc...