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Can't upload images to asset

The dashboard suddenly removed the trailer cover I uploaded last time and now it asks me to upload the image again. However, the uploading mechanism seems down, no matter how many time I try to upload the image, it just can't be kept by the system. I...

How to set up payment details for ireland

I am trying to set up payment details for my app on the Oculus store. The trouble I am having is that it is asking for my banks routing number. This doesn't exist in Ireland. Only American banks have this number. Somebody at my bank suggested putting...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Announcement review time?

Hey! I made an announcement for my GearVR app "Secret of Harrow Manor" and see that it's still "Under Review" even 2 weeks later. About how long do these submissions usually take to get approved? I of course can imagine things are hectic over there w...

Alpha/beta channel email invitations not working

Invitation emails for alpha/beta channels are not always received by users. They are not in a spam folder, simply not received. It appears to happen more often lately. Sometimes it helps to manually remove and re-add the email address multiple times ...

ruud3DV by Level 4
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Alpha build not showing up in my preview apps

I'm having issues with sharing my alpha build I uploaded for Oculus quest use. I packaged using UE4.22.1 and uploaded the APK fine to the website. I invited myself and another person to test the build but after accepting the invite through our emails...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Trouble pushing Quest app to Release Channel

Anyone else having this problem?I build it for Quest. I use V2 signing. Various complaints and issues: change the Android manifest this and set the Platform that. The best I could do was get it there with no complaints, but it's not showing in the Qu...

Publishing Department

We submitted our app. passed tech and content review, and was advised we were in "Publishing". we have inquired ( gently) with only an automated response. we have submit over 4 weeks ago. now we get no response or acknowledgement at all

Toy Factory - please share your feedback :)

We've finished a project and would like to show it on the Oculus Store. The app has passed all the technical tests, but isn't further accepted. Does anyone have similar issues or is able to help to identify what should be changed? The app in question...

Keys-Only Master List

Hey community, Fellow key'd Rift developer here. Instead of dwelling on the what-if scenarios of immediately improving & re-submitting my app, I'd rather focus on solving the real down-side of being key'd: a lack of a central channel for key-release ...

OBB File not patching correctly

Hi,We've got a project in a somewhat early stage and we are uploading it into a release channel to distribute it to different oculus go devices. This works fine however, we have noticed that when updating to a newer version it doesn't seem to fully u...

How to create a store like oculus store?

Guys,I'd like create a app for loading another apps like oculus store. I tried with asset bundle, but the dynamic with scripts dind't work. It loaded all gameobjects, but what I programmed with scripts dind't work ¬¬How to solve this problem?

filran by Level 2
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how to resubmit to oculus store

My initial submit is rejected. Then I spend two months to improve my app. Now I uploaded my new app to dashboard, it successed. But the question is that I can not change App Information(Submission Info), the button Update App Info in dashboard is dis...

vidonme by Level 2
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How to allow build testing ?

Hello !I contact you because I want to publish my brand new app on Oculus store for Gear VR.But when I'm going to submit for review, the dashboard say : "Please allow build testing to complete"I don't understand how to do that, can you help me ?I upl...

Furtys by Level 2
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a long text about "keys only"

Hi,we are a small development studio from Germany. Over the last twelve months we have developed a free to play app for Samsung GearVR (no release for Rift, Go, Quest).The app is called "drive safer" and is part of an awareness campaign for more road...

Need help with the OVR tool

The app I made for Oculus Go was too big so I tried the OVR tool (is that only for Rift though?) Here's what I have in my BATovr-platform-util clone-rift-build -a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -d "C:\Users\animator\Desktop\ZetaVR" -l "ZetaVR-Andro...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Our app was approved for "Keys-only"

Our VR application for "OculusGo" Mi aula UVEG has been approved for "keys-only". We would like to have the application approved for the Oculus Store. If we need to adjust the application for this to happen, we would like to know what needs to be cha...