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Oculus Go > Store > Video Trailer > how?

Any suggestions for how to create an Oculus Go Video Trailer for the Oculus Store requirements?My projects are in Unity. I’ve fiddled with Unity Recorder but it does not record the Oculus Go screen.I’ve fiddled with Video in Oculus Go device and it d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cross-buy options

I saw there has been some news about some devs offering cross-buy for free or not for different Rift and Quest games.As a developer i totally understand if many devs just can't offer cross-buy for free, it is really a bunch of work to add support for...

Project released only for Keys and no feedback

My project was rejected for store release and was approved as keys only. I wrote support, who directed me to another email, then they directed me here to make a post (not even a single word on why it was rejected). I'm quite perplexed as it runs well...

Fladeboe by Honored Guest
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Not accept my application

Hi, please I need your help. The oculus store does not accept my application and I do not know why.Can you install my app and test and tell me what I need or what is left?Thank you!!Link to donwload apk:

BarbaraSN by Honored Guest
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Basic Malware Test 'INFRA_FAILURE' Result

I'm readying an app for submission and I am receiving a warning when the binary is tested (see attached screenshot).I'm struggling to find any information about this test and how to pass it online.Is the implication that my binary contains suspicious...


EU VAT Question

Hi, does anyone know if Oculus handles the VAT (Value Added Tax) side of the transaction by acting as your agent, like Apple and Google? As on the submission page it asks for a VAT number, but in the UK you don't need to be VAT registered unless you ...

VRDev360 by Honored Guest
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Only approved for Oculus Keys

Hello,Our latest VR application “EZ360 Cloud: CMS to distribute 360° content” has been approved for keys only. Common reasons why apps are approved for keys are “when the content is too advertorial, there's no compelling consumer use case, or the app...

360 video app larger than 5Gb

Hi,I would like to create an app for the Oculus Go using the Unity3D game engine. The app should have many different videos, which can be changed between using either a controller or the hmd. However, the size of these videos exceeds the 5Gb limit. I...

jstefan by Explorer
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Failed VRC.Mobile.Input.7

In our app we are saying to press the trigger button, do we need to be more specific and say Oculus GO controller? Do we need to specify in our main menu that this is an Oculus GO application? We currently do not have anywhere in our app that mention...

Is androidx black listed?

Our app has started failing the app store Compatibility Test for android.speech. We aren't actually using the speech api, however the "android.speech" string is found in androidx which our app and several of its dependencies rely on. The string is fo...

Our build is getting flagged as malware

Last week's build went through without issue, but this week our GearVR apk got rejected, saying it failed "Basic Malware Test". Both builds came from the same build server, with the same signature. Could someone provide some clarity on what this test...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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don't upload .apk more 1 Gb

Hi!I want to upload .apk more 1.1 GB to oculus strove via ovr-platform-util.exe( .bat file with parameter: ovr-platform-util upload-mobile-build --app_id xxxx --app_secret yyyyy --apk C:\VR\test.apk --channel alpha )But when I download, I get an erro...

Oculrov by Honored Guest
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Cross Purchase for Oculus Go?

Once of the features recently talked about w/ the upcoming Quest is "cross buy", where apps you purchase on the Rift are available on Quest and vice versa, for developers who opt to do so.What about apps that are also on the Oculus Go? Is this alread...

Application approved for keys only

Hi,We've recently uploaded a build of our app to be uploaded on the store; To our surprise this was approved for keys only.While I understand Oculus does not want their platform to be full with B2B apps made for clients, this one is targeted towards ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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