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2018 Holiday Dates and Deadlines (Store and Support)

Due to the holiday season, our teams will have limited coverage during the business days between Christmas Eve (12/24/18) and New Year's Day (1/1/19). Responses to your tickets will be delayed during this time.As such, the last day to publish apps on...

Signature Versions V1 & V2. Unity 2017.3.1f1

Hello,I have been pumping out early versions of my game for the Go on the Oculus site for a while now, with no troubles. But now suddenly it is telling me that my game is signed with V2 Signature scheme. I don't understand what has happened in Unity ...

Clarification on asset message

Hello, we received a message on our game submission that requests a change to our assets. But I don't know where to ask for clarification as the message is vague and we don't know which assets it is referring to. Is there someone I can contact at the...

Can't Get Technical Feedback

Hi there, for the last couple of weeks we have been submitting builds of our project for release to the store. Last week we received the exact same test results multiple times despite providing updated builds with the required changes, and even chang...

APK Rejected due to not being in Landscape mode

Hello, I am hoping that someone can help me with this.I have tried multiple times to upload my binary to the GearVR store and each time lately it has been rejected for not being in landscape mode. I'm not quite sure what to do as I've explicitly set ...

>:) GEAR VR - incompatible Devices Information

Hello @imperativityRegarding this release : have excluded Samsung Devices, but such information is not available to users and oculus store allows them to download game app, as a result we ...

GRADGR by Protege
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When is key generation enabled?

I submitted a application for Store distribution and it passed the technical review last week.I tried to generate keys for distribution, but couldn't.It was my understanding that I would be able to generate keys as soon as I passed the technical test...

Uninstalling Release candidate apps.

There seems to be an issue uninstalling any preview apps It just says uninstalling forever even when I restart the headset. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I have tested this with about 5 of my own preview apps created in unity. No...

Any way to set up patches to only download changes?

Is there any way to set up distribution to take into account only the changes from the last build? I know this is an option for submitting via the command line utility, but it seems the download is still the complete build size@imperativity

MikeF by Trustee
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Release channel build not visible in Oculus GO

Hi,I've succesfully created a build of a clients app and put in in the Alpha release channel. I've activated my subscription and that works fine, the app is showing in my Oculus GO. But when my client accepts his invitation for the subscription to th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Activating Facebook Live Sharing

Can one activate facebook live sharing before submitting an app to Oculus?We've selected the sharing option for our app, but when we try to share it in app it says "not enabled".We'd like to be able to use this during development so the team can watc...

Oculus Go - Distribution with Oculus Keys

Hello - I'm trying to get my head around the release of an app using Oculus Keys. This is in regards to an app we are developing for the Oculus GO. The app would be used in a training scenario where an organization would purchase multiple headsets an...

Can't upload my app right now !

I found this issue when i update my game with ovr-platform-util.exe, it's stuck into an cycle and repeat those 3(maybe 5?) processing steps again and again...Also i tired upload my game in Oculus Dashboard website, it stuck in the processing which ca...

MirrorMan by Honored Guest
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Sent in wrong build for review.

Hello, we accidentally sent in the incorrect build for review. Is there a way to cancel review or upload the new build? Or do we have to wait for the results? The current build was lacking the proper tracking origin for Oculus.