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"Your app exhibits judder"

Hello, help me please

Current question in my message for "submission support" has been ignored several times.

After review my application has next change request :
"Your app exhibits judder, which looks like stuttering of either the entire frame or objects within the scene."

 Our application is not the first one we have developed for the Oculus store. We tested this application on supported devices and GearVR device model SM-R322. When testing, we didn't find a problem which about you informed us. But at the same time, this problem was reproduced by us when we were testing the application on S7 EDGE and only on the new device GearVR model - SM-R324
The problem that you found in our application is reproduced in the Oculus store scene, in applications and videos placed in the store when using GearVR model - SM-R324 and S7 EDGE.
When using the GearVR device model - SM-R322 everything works fine.

Based on it, we believe that the problem with "judder and ghosting" effects of objects may not be in our application but in the device on which our application is tested. 

Hi Aleksey,

Sorry to hear that you've have had difficulty being heard throughout this process.  I am currently looking into this for you, and will be reaching out to you privately very shortly.  Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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We have a same problem. When testing on our device, we didn't find a problem...
Can you consider our question too?

Expert Protege
We got the same answer in the reviews of S7 Edge, our game is built on Unreal, could this be the matter? Are you guys Unreal or Unity Developers?

Would love to hear the answer of this problem as well