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Receiving phone calls

What is the correct procedure when the user receives a phone call when playing a game on the Gear VR?Our QA has flagged a number of bugs referring to the fact that the input doesn't work when they have received a phone call while playing. I've looked...

crammy360 by Honored Guest
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S6 reduced texture quality

Hey guys,We've been developing our game primarily on the Note 4 and it looks fine, but when we put our game onto the S6, the texture quality seems to drop quite poorly and most of our textures are rendering at a lower resolution than on the Note 4.It...

crammy360 by Honored Guest
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Lollipop issues on Gear VR

Hi all,We are currently experiencing some issues with textures on Lollipop. It frequently leads to a crash. Anyone else experiencing this?The only workaround we have found so far is to reduce the size of textures below 2048 and set the compression to...

throg by Honored Guest
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Welcome to Oculus Studios' Development

Hello, Everyone!Thank you for opting-in to join this forum for development discussion.A reminder that everyone is under NDA and that anything discussed here is strictly confidential. Please respect each other as mutual partners of Oculus and let the ...