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3070 and 6800xt incompatible

Level 8
Both amd and nvidia new videocard are hard to buy, a few months it will be easier to buy.

Now oculus rift and reverb g2 are incompatible with these new videocard.

Could it be the videocard is hard to buy because its incompatible? Maybe why they're delaying cyberpunk 2077 too...

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Why would they be incompatible?
I believe both run well on 3080 cards. 

Edit: The only incompatible I have seen mentioned was on the new - I believe it was - X570 motherboards for the new AMD chips. And that was on the Reverb G2, which I am sure will get sorted probably with a bios update soon.

Level 8
Heh I thought that they were incompatible?

Level 15

Heh I thought that they were incompatible?

Might just take Oculus and Valve and Microsoft etc some time to fully support new gpus, 3070 and 6800XT certainly aren't incompatible, but awesome cards for VR. 6800XT should already work fine in SteamVR, at least using Index and Vive hmds.

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