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3D Video (and photos) - The Future (General VR)

So I've always loved watching stereo video, both 360 and 180 - I kind of agree with the current thinking that 180 might be the best format most of the time.

I wish computer-generated images had continued at great pace from the old Gear VR "Render the Metaverse" days - they were fantastic.

So currently there seems to be new interest because of the Apple Vision Pro and as we saw yesterday, the new iPhone which can record "spatial videos".  Will other phone-makers follow suit?  That would be great news!


Does anybody know what file format the iPhone will produce? 

Do we believe the videos will work on any headset?

Should Meta create / dust off a 3D photo viewing app?



I was addicted to 360 videos for awhile there. Especially the horror experiences!

180 is fine, but I do prefer the full 360 experience. Even if you are looking in one directly most of the time, the 360 just helps with the immersion in the event that you do choose to look around. I'm not a fan of the "black wall" that 180 videos have. Or worse yet, when people throw up their Logo's in the blank space.

I think the format will be relatively standard, similar to viewing images and videos on all of our devices today.

Heck, I was watching 360 media on Google Cardboard lol

Hi @Zenbane 
I could never handle the horror experiences, but that just shows the power of VR.

Yeah I think for now 180 is good because of resolution and how difficult (or expensive) it is to get high quality 360 video.  Hell, very good 180 3D is expensive!

I certainly hope Apple do follow some standards - they'd be hurting themselves if they don't!


The "The Ring" 360 video was fun. Sadako was creeping around the scene. 🙂


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😂 Creepy 360 videos with voices/whispers out of view are not fun!

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Meta Quest Support

OMG yesss!! I love getting scared haha will check this out now that Halloween is coming! 

We are all mad here.